Every third person cannot recognize the correct fiscal account

Almost every third citizen of Serbia cannot recognize the correct fiscal account, and 59% performs all payments solely by cash and thus “feeds” the grey economy. The data of the new NALED survey indicate the need for continuous education and motivation of the citizens to contribute to its suppression by responsible purchasing behaviour.

– The support of the population to combat the grey zone is still very high and reaches 90%. Two-thirds believe that the business is not justified by law, and every other citizen believes that the 2017 and 2018 proclamations will help suppress the years of the struggle against the gray economy. However, there remains a problem of participating in this fight, as only 22% are willing to report a shop or a café where it does not receive an account, and 33% of the employers employs black workers. Among them are some 27% of workers who admit that part or all of their salaries are in the hands – said Vladimir Tipsarević, vice president of the NALED Fair Fair Competition, at the presentation of the survey.

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