Excellence in treatment of cancer

Wiener Privatklinik offers the entire spectrum of treatments for different types of cancers, stemming from chemotherapies over targeted treatments to immunotherapy either alone or in combination and based on the latest stage of scientific evidence.(WPK) Academy Cancer Center has unique features as a private institution caring for patients with cancer in Europe. These unique features include a very close interdisciplinary interaction between physicians of important academic standing and high esteem from various medical specialties including diagnostic disciplines, surgical and medical oncology.

Immune oncology has truly revolutionized therapeutic options for patients with many types of cancer. This particularly relates to lung cancer, but also a variety of other malignancies including kidney, ear-nose-and throat, gastrointestinal, colon and liver cancers. Due to sophisticated diagnostic means, physicians treating patients at the WPK Academy Cancer Center offer an abundance of personalized treatment options following minimally invasive biopsies thus gaining cancer tissue of the latest stage of disease development. Prevention and early recognition is an important aspect in the concept of the WPK Academy Cancer Center offering a series of options for prevention by counselling regarding appropriate life style changes ranging to genetic testing for the discovery of a risk of familiar cancers.

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