Experience and Innovation – the Business Card of Gedeon Richter Company

Richter Gedeon is a leading Hungarian pharmaceutical company with a strong global presence

Established in 1901, the company has a rich history of innovation and commitment to healthcare. Richter is renowned for its diverse portfolio of high-quality pharmaceuticals, including women’s health, central nervous system, and biosimilar products. With a focus on research and development, Richter continues to contribute to advancements in healthcare, significantly impacting the well-being of individuals worldwide. In this regard, we spoke with Dr. Jelena Ristić, Director of the Representative Office in Serbia.

You recently marked the 120th anniversary of the company and over 15 years of successful operation in Seria. What is the key characteristic of your business that contributes to such longevity?

There are always many factors that influence success. The capacity to adapt to new situations, technologies, and environments is vital in a constantly evolving world. Thanks to the foundations laid by the founder, pharmacist Richter Gedeon, the business upgrade is built on high-quality products, clear goals, continuous learning, resilience, and high ethical standards. So, the standard has been set and followed through decades. Keeping pace with, and sometimes leading, the times, our company brings constant innovations to the pharmaceutical business. We are very pleased to bring this spirit to our local market.

How challenging is it to lead a branch of a multinational company like Richter Gedeon?

Managing a successful organization requires constant communication and the ability to adapt to constant changes in the market. Our flexibility in adapting to various situations is deeply linked to our core beliefs. The first years were a time of intensive learning, adaptation, and laying the groundwork for what we wanted to achieve as an organization. It was crucial to direct energy toward developing a vision that would serve as a compass for our steps in the future. Every business move from a leadership position implies significant responsibility. In challenging times, it is important to demonstrate that you are a community member upon whom people can always rely. If you do so, the reputation and trust bestowed upon you serve as excellent motivation and an indicator that you are on the right path. Challenges are always present in business, but the key lies in adaptation and innovation. It’s important to have an agile approach, a willingness to learn from every situation, and a fantastic team.

Richter Gedeon has had a presence in Serbia since 2007. What sets you apart in this market?

Richter Gedeon aims to offer highly value-added products with a strategy firmly grounded in original research, women’s healthcare, and biosimilars. The areas of expertise that I mention represent significant advancements in business.

Our flexibility in adapting to various situations is deeply linked to our core beliefs

Innovations in the field of pharmacy are advancing day by day. How accessible are they to the citizens of Serbia?

Our company strongly focuses on R&D, contributing to developing innovative pharmaceutical products and therapies. The strategic objective for Richter is to provide a continuously expanding product line in the Central Nervous System segment. Still, we are also recognized for our commitment to women’s health, with a diverse portfolio of products addressing unmet healthcare needs for women. A wide range of these products are also available in the Serbian market. The latest addition to the portfolio in Serbia is the proprietary antipsychotic, containing the active ingredient cariprazine, a molecule discovered by Richter researchers in the early 2000s, becoming a blockbuster in the US.

What are the plans for Serbia in the upcoming years?

Richter Gedeon’s business strategy for 2018-2028 is to become a prominent player in the league of European-based mid-pharma. We will contribute to this goal locally, and I look at it optimistically. Seeing how our work directly impacts improving people’s lives is a precious aspect that underscores our commitment.

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