Ball Beverage Packaging Europe has won the Belgrade Winner Award this year awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce to the most successful companies and individuals who have contributed to the development of the capital.

The factory in Belgrade, where cans can be produced and exported to over 20 countries, has received recognition thanks to numerous achievements and high standards of business that are not only reflected in the achieved business results, but also in the areas of investment in new technologies and education of employees, as well as social responsibility.

“We are proud of our business success, but more so in the fact that our employees are developing and progressing with the company. As one of the largest exporters, manufacturers and innovators in the country, we have the responsibility and to be business leaders in Serbia. Let’s keep up with technological development, take care of the state of the environment, and slowly but surely transform our factory into the Factory of the future, according to the latest industrial trends and in line with the ongoing industrial revolution, that is, the digitization of business, “said Branislav Savić, director of the factory in Belgrade.

This year the factory in Belgrade was declared the best in Europe, in competition with 22 factories operating within the Packaging Europe Europe, which is part of Ball Corporation.

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