At the end of 2018, Novaston will enter the new year with encouraging business results. According to its General Director Mia Zečević, this independent retail real estate group, which today brings together four companies – Novaston Asset Management, Novaston Project Management, Novaston Facility Management and Novaston Marketing Consultancy – will begin 2019 with high expectations and important projects.

“We have recently finalized a business cooperation contract with IKEA Serbia. We will be their long-term partner for their retail park project in Belgrade, in Bubanj Potok. Our company Novaston Asset Management will be exclusive leasing agent, while our company Novaston Project Management will provide consultancy services in the areas of its design, construction and property management. Consulting services will be offered from the earliest stage of IKEA retail park’s development, including the realization of a space concept, and will continue throughout all planning and construction phases. Our goal is to form a strategic partnership with IKEA at all company levels, and to include marketing services in the later stages, thus becoming fully responsible for the management of the future retail park. We first started as Novaston Asset Management, an independent real estate retail company with seven employees. Today, Novaston Asset Management has expanded to three other companies – Novaston Project Management, Novaston Facility Management, Novaston Marketing Consultancy, employing over 40 people. This way we have expanded our scope of operations in order to provide a full package service to our clients. We have set a high standard that our foreign clients already implement in other markets. In a short period of time, we have become a recognizable brand, both in the Serbian market and in the region. We cooperate with the largest and leading international investors that are present in South East Europe“, said CEO Mia Zečević.

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