Facility Management Business Association of Serbia Established in Belgrade

The energy efficiency of buildings, education, regional cooperation, and improvement of legislative frameworks are topics that will be covered by FMBAS

Photo: FMBAS

On the occasion of World Facility Management (FM) Day, the newly founded Facility Management Business Association of Serbia (FMBAS) was presented today at the MOXY hotel. On this occasion, three-panel discussions were held in which leading domestic and regional experts from the FM industry spoke about the importance of a holistic approach to building maintenance, ISO FM certification, energy efficiency, the application of safety standards and their impact on the functionality and sustainability of buildings.

Energy efficiency is highlighted as a current world issue since 40% of the total electricity produced is used by existing facilities. By applying adequate facility management solutions, savings of up to 30% can be achieved on each property, with the additional effect of CO2 reduction.

“There are simple measures to save electricity, such as educating individuals about responsible consumption and optimizing existing heating and cooling systems, which have a significant contribution without requiring investments. If necessary, the building can be rehabilitated in terms of energy, from the replacement of woodworking to the improvement of thermal insulation, but also some modern solutions can be applied, such as the use of renewable energy sources,” said the BSc Eng. Željko Zečević, consultant associate of the company Marera Green – Eneplus.

Photo: FMBAS

Representatives of renowned companies, such as Erste Bank, dm drogerie, Buerau Veritas, First Facility and Secut, are just some of the prominent participants of the panels held at the conference.

The President of the Association, Danilo Pušonja, highlighted the key reason for the establishment of FMBAS: “The FM market in Serbia is still in its beginnings, with numerous challenges common to that field of professional development. The key barriers are the shadow economy, unfavourable working conditions, questionable quality of services and improvisation in terms of the scope and method of work implementation, which leads to real consequences both for the facilities and in terms of the development of the industry.”

Jovana Cvetković, director of development, technical operations and innovation at the company MPC Properties, stated the reason why that company decided to accept the role of the co-founder of the association: “Starting from our leading market position in the construction and management of modern shopping and business centres and the fact that we manage about 600.000 m2 of commercial space in the country, which gives us a detailed insight into the real state of the facility management profession, we saw the importance and necessity of starting an FM association in Serbia. We find strategic support in our co-founders, the companies Marera Property Management and TOKATA, who also have deep experience in this area, so we can together strengthen the profession and contribute to its actualization”.

Photo: FMBAS

The Facility Management Business Association of Serbia (FMBAS) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, education and support for the development of the Facility Management industry in Serbia. It was founded in early 2023 by three leading companies operating in the construction and real estate management segment, Marera Property Management, MPC Properties and TOKATA.

Photo: FMBAS

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