Fascination with water Ivana Živić

The project “Figurae Feminae” in cooperation with NLB Banka and the house of artists Pigmalion, in the framework of which five young artists were presented in 2018, finished the exhibition “Plivačice” by Ivana Živić.

Branko Greganović, President of the Executive Board of NLB Banka Beograd, thanked House of Art “Pigmalion” for successful cooperation on this project and added: “It was a great pleasure for us to host great artists in this area, such as Katarina Nedeljković, Anđela Micić, Kristina Pirković, Đerđi Ačaji and Evan Živić tonight. We are extremely proud that we had the opportunity to help these young painters from Serbia build another step into their professional way, but also to enable everyone who comes to this area to enjoy art. After a year and a half of the existence of the NLB Gallery, we are pleased that art lovers recognize this space and perceive it as their own. ”

“Nature and people were the previous challenges (in the early works) of this artist, and in the last five years the light motive of Ivan’s creativity has become female figures – swimmers housed in unusual, imposing interiors, often devastated – full of water. Fascination with water, in the work of Ivana Zivic, can be interpreted in two ways – what is certainly the primary is a strong emotion that originates from real life situations and is transposed by the expression of the face and the body of the main protagonists. What the observer experiences is a sense of freedom, ease, unhappiness … although atypical scenes, or the specific imagination of this artist, “said Maja Zivanovic from the House of Artists” Pigmalion “.

Ivana Zivic was born in 1979 in Sarajevo. She graduated in 2004 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of painting. She graduated in 2008 at the same faculty. She is a member of ULUS since 2006, and her artwork is in numerous private collections around the world. She is the winner of a number of awards for painting and drawing (which is the second place of the fund, Vladimir Veličković 2016), and participates in numerous art residences: Month of Serbian Art, ArtHub Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Cite Internationale des Arts Paris in France, 2009, GLO ‘ART, Belgium, 2015.

Gallery of NLB Banka in Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 165v in New Belgrade, will be open to all visitors of the exhibition Ivana Živić until December 31, 2018.

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