Favourite Mars sweets to come in eco-friendly packaging from now on

Mars, the company that is behind some of the world’s most beloved brands such as Snickers, Twix, M & M’s, Orbit, Dove, Pedigree and Whiskas, has announced that it will reduce the use of plastic by 25% by 2025, while their product packaging will be completely environmentally sustainable, recyclable and reusable.

The existing global system, which implies that most plastic is not recycled but ends up in our environment, is unacceptable to Mars and their commitment to addressing this is reflected in the redesign of packaging and implementing certain business models to facilitate the circular economy and the well-being of the planet.

The concept whereby packaging never becomes waste consists of investing in circular manufacturing processes, reducing packaging and finding new solutions for product packaging. Preserving the freshness of food and products is critical to activities that create environmentally sustainable packaging, such as replacing hard-to-recycle plastics and removing materials like PVC, moving from plastic to paper and exploring the possibilities of biodegradable and compostable packaging.

“We, at Mars, we believe that the world we want tomorrow starts with the way we do business today. That is why we are rethinking our approach to product packaging today because we believe that a sustainable product should not be packaged in unsustainable packaging. We are proud of our products, but we are concerned about the impact that waste has on land and oceans. Science tells us over and over again that we need to drive real change and fix what doesn’t work. We feel we have a responsibility, but also an opportunity to help create a healthy planet. Given that Mars is a privately owned family business, it allows us to plan and think long-term about the impact today’s decisions will have on the future. We have to apply complex, systemic challenges, but we are convinced that they can be realized, “said Predrag Milinčić, Mars’ regional director.

Eco-sustainable packaging plans are already incorporated into the Sustainable in a Generation Plan, presented by Mars in 2017, which has committed to invest $ 1 billion over the next few years to help address the biggest global threats defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable in a Generation Plan focuses on three interconnected areas: a healthy planet, prosperity for people, and increased well-being. Climate change, poverty and scarcity of natural resources are the reasons for launching the initiative, which are the world’s biggest problems facing every society.

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