Representatives of 31 companies from the South of Italy at a gathering in Belgrade devoted to cooperation in the field of food and beverage production, which will be held on February 27th at the Hyatt hotel, will meet the businessmen of Serbia and the region.

This was announced by Marina Scognamiglio, director of the Belgrade office of the Foreign Trade Agency (ICE) of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Italy in an interview with RTS.

Food and beverage producers from the famous regions of South Italy – Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sicily, Abruzzo, Molise and Sardinia – will present their products to colleagues from Serbia and the region, and they will be introduced to the agricultural and food sector of Serbia and neighbouring countries. About 40 businessmen and customers from the region – who will visit this event thanks to the cooperation with ICE offices from Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania and Montenegro that represent the markets of 9 countries in the region – will also attend presentations, workshops and B2B meetings will be organized as part of this event, which takes place under the auspices of the European Union within the project “Piano Export Sud II” – explained the director of the ICE Agency office in Belgrade.
Products of high quality and affordable prices, among which the most famous are outstanding Italian wines, olive oil, popular pasta, cheeses, will be presented to the domestic and regional market in February, which will be held in Serbia, organized by the ICE Agency, in the sign of the South of Italy. With famous delicatessen, citizens can also get acquainted with a big presentation in Belgrade, which will be organized at Delta City Market Center, February 24th – announced Scognamiglio.

The most important events are the continuation of the extremely successful economic cooperation between Italy and Serbia. When it comes to Serbian exports, Italy is Serbia’s most important export partner, while Italy is in second place behind Germany. In the agri-food sector, Italy is the first country in the world from which Serbia imports goods (worth over 80 million euros), which testifies to the existing strong economic ties that could be further strengthened thanks to products from southern Italy.

The total value of trade between Italy and Serbia, according to official data for the period January-October 2017, is about 3 billion 298 million euros, a significant increase from 2016 and 2015. Export of Serbia to Italy amounted to EUR 1.699 billion, while Italy exported goods worth EUR 1.599 billion to Serbia.

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