Fran Lasić & Klapa Koluri – A Musical Time Travel at NIS Hall

On Tuesday, December 5, in the large NIS ceremonial hall, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a concert by Fran Lasić accompanied by the Dalmatian group (klapa) “Koluri”

The concert starts with hits from the sixties, then year by year, until today.

During the concert, the audience will feel what a real-time machine is, they will travel through time and return to some past beautiful and carefree days, with the music of that time.

There will also be several famous foreign hits, which were hummed on radio Luxembourg at the time, as well as those old domestic hits known to all of us, which were heard from singles and LP records, as well as popular Dalmatian klapa songs… as well as unavoidable evergreen hits “Embraced” (Zagrljeni) and “I love you little fool” (Volim te budalo mala) in the performance of the “Koluri” group.

With Fran and the klapa (group), you will remember a walk by the sea, and in your mind, you will feel the smell of sea salt, sunsets, and small waves…

Tickets can be purchased at all Gigstix outlets and online at the link here.

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