We Discovered the Benefits of the Chenot Espace Program at the One&only Portonovi Hotel

As we have stepped into the period of celebration, we are already thinking carefully about the consequences that intemperance and disorderly life will most certainly leave on us. But this season we are playing smarter, to prepare for the challenges that this period brings, we visited the One&Only Portonovi hotel where we tried the innovative Chenot Espace program, which through a series of treatments with a special diet returned us to the factory settings and prepared us for all the challenges that the next period is bringing

The resort in Montenegro is the first One&Only to offer the Chenot Espace – a transformative journey towards detoxification based on the Chenot Method®, which includes tailor-made programs and pioneering treatments created to improve vitality and optimize health throughout the year.

Chenot’s innovative approach combines the principles of traditional Chinese healing with the latest scientific advances in medicine and cutting-edge diagnostic technology. Guests begin their wellness journey with a series of tests, designed according to their individual needs, leading to the creation of effective and unique, personalized programs. Holistic diagnostics, carried out by specialised experts, examines an important series of physiological parameters, known as Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers®, assessing the impact of lifestyle on vital status and ageing processes.

After diagnostic tests, a sophisticated set of customized treatments and nutrition plans are created for each guest, which synergistically stimulates the elimination of toxins, increases vitality, activates energy channels, and restores physiological balance. It is possible to choose a comprehensive program of one-week, individual treatments, or shorter programs that can seamlessly fit into your vacation on the Adriatic.

Since nutrition is a key pillar of the Chenot Method®, One&Only Portonovi resort guests can practice a personalized nutrition plan, carefully designed to work in synergy with their wellness programs, at the hotel’s La Veranda restaurant. The Chenot diet is formulated to support the body’s self-healing, cleanse it at the cellular level and facilitate metabolic balance. This low-calorie diet activates the body’s mechanisms of fasting while ensuring quality nutrition for the cells and not impairing the taste or aroma.

Chenot Espace covers 4,000 m2 and offers state-of-the-art equipment and 28 treatment rooms. A range of targeted treatments are on offer, from neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatments, acupuncture and ozone therapy to intravenous nutrient therapy and hydro-colon treatments. Diagnostics and treatments fall into six different departments: Medical Department, Human Performance, Medical Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Hydrotherapy, and Sports and Fitness.

In addition, Chenot Espace also features hydrotherapy and cryotherapy rooms, a sauna, a steam room, an oriental Hammam, and an indoor swimming pool, providing guests with a host of options for relaxation and regeneration. The Tipsarević Luxury Tennis Club with two professional courts offers top-quality facilities to fans of white sports at all levels, while the state-of-the-art fitness centre offers private and group training with the latest Technogym™ equipment. Also, for guests who want an ideal combination of mind and body exercise, outdoor yoga classes are available, with a fascinating view of the bay, fascinating architecture, garden, and pools of One&Only Portonovi Resort.

For more information or reservations visit: oneandonlyresorts.com.

Photo: Jelena Karakaš

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