French Order of the Academic Pact for the rector Ivanka Popovic

French Ambassador to Serbia Frederik Mondoloni today presented the rectors of the University of Belgrade, Ivanko Popovic, academic Pale, who participated in the field of French-Serbian university, scientific and educational cooperation.

At the ceremony at the residence of the French Embassy in Belgrade, Mondoloni presented Red and Tatiana Jovanovic, independent advisers in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, decorated with the rank of Academic Pale in the ranking of the Knight.

The Academic Palms order, on behalf of the French Ministry of Education, has been formulated most efficiently by contributing and continuing to contribute to the spread of knowledge and the strengthening of trade unions that unite the two countries. The award, set more than 200 years ago, is awarded to French and foreign nationals for their scientific and professional commitment and contribution to strengthening France’s reputation in the world, the French Embassy announced.

The founder of the award is Napoleon Bonaparte, who was established as a recognition of the eminent members of the University of Paris. Since 1866 foreign citizens can receive recognition. Since 1955, the Academic Order of Wrestling has three orders: knights, officers and commanders.

Ivanka Popovic is the Rector of the University of Belgrade.. She was the Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy from 2006 to 2012, Vice-Rector for the University of Belgrade 2012-2015. and Vice President for International Cooperation 2015-2018. She participated or led a series of national scientific projects such as several TEMPUS and ERASMUS + projects, two FP7 projects. She is currently engaged in one Horizont 2020 project. She was the first woman president of the Serbian Chemical Society (2009-2013) and president of the Association of Italian and Serbian scientists and researchers.


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