From Atlantic to Gulf – A Spotlight on Arab Culture

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Republic of Serbia organised a conference on Moroccan culture on Wednesday, February 7th, as part of a series of discussions on the cultures of Arab countries, entitled “From Atlantic to Gulf” in the Youth Center of Belgrade, in the “Amerikana” hall

Participants: Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Amine Belhaj and Asst. Dr. Marko Gagić, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

Moderated by: Miljana Šurlan Vićentić, Arabic Cultural Center.

The topic of the opening forum of the new cycle, entitled “ARAB STATES AND PEOPLE”, is an overview of the modern Arab world, culture in modern Arab states, art, life, contemporary thinking, and trends in society. His Excellency the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mohammed Amine Belhaj, will speak about contemporary life in his country and the relations of Arab nations and countries with Serbia. Asst. Dr. Marko Gagić will speak about modern Arab culture and the modern Arabic language, its importance and its use worldwide.

A cycle of discussions “Arab States and Nations” will be organised by the Youth Center of Belgrade and the Arabic Cultural Center.


About The Arab People and States Tribune Cycle

Do you know what algebra has to do with the Arabic language and what is dimiskia? The answers to these and many other questions about things we know but are not sure where they come from and what they mean are hidden in the immense cultural wealth of the Arab world. Through the lecture series ARAB PEOPLES AND COUNTRIES, we will get acquainted with the geographically close, colourful landscape of Arab peoples and countries. We will learn hitherto unknown facts about the identity, spirituality, and daily life of Arabs. Diplomatic representatives of Arab countries and domestic researchers will introduce us to the peoples of the glorious past and the equally rich and interesting present.

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