PC Press Top 50 – diplomacyandcommerce.rs portal winner of the “Digital Connect” special award

The web portal diplomacyandcommerce.rs is one of the winners of the PC Press awards for the best websites, pages on social networks and applications in Serbia. The diplomacyandcommerce.rs portal was awarded in the “Digital Connect” category

Welcoming those present at the National Museum, Vesna Čarknajev, director of PC Press, reminded us that the “Top 50 PC Press recognition” has been awarded since 1997.

Then, as in all previous years, as now, our goal is to promote the useful use of the Internet. In our internet sky, there are more than 100,000 sites on the national domain, at least three times as many sites on international domains and over half a million accounts on social networks.”

We present a news site in English, intended for foreigners living and working in Serbia. The site regularly and impartially informs them about economic and political topics. It is part of the Color Press Group and, together with the printed edition of the magazine of the same name and the dozens of events they organise, strongly integrate foreigners into our cultural space. They received the award because of the quality and importance of their broadcast content. Because of the TOP50 requirements, they could not participate in the regular categories, but they deserve recognition for their quality”, it is written in the explanation of the special award “Digital Connect”, received by Mijat Kontić, a journalist at the D&C web portal, on behalf of the editorial staff at the awarding ceremony at the National Museum in Belgrade.

 The list of all award winners can be found at this link.

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