From Challenges to Success: Innovative Companies Share Their Stories at Adria Summit

Adria Summit, the Future of Digital Commerce, is a regional business conference designed to become the leading platform for exchanging ideas, experiences, and contacts in the field of digital commerce. This year, the Summit will take place from May 3rd to May 7th, at two locations, in Umag, Croatia, and Portoroz, Slovenia.

For the second year in a row, Adria Summit brings together leading leaders and experts from the Adria region and beyond, who, during the 2-day conference and weekend gathering, discuss global trends that impact the business climate in these areas. If last year’s topics dominated such as post-pandemic economic recovery, problems in the global supply chain, and unexpected inflation growth, this year’s expected topics relate to the impact of artificial intelligence on digital business, further innovations in market and business models, possible banking crises and their impact on company liquidity, as well as challenges that young but also more experienced entrepreneurs face in local markets.

The Summit devotes special attention to innovative entrepreneurship as the driver of all change. A special segment of the program is organized where a selected number of innovative companies from the region, which have overcome initial challenges and reached a phase of accelerated growth, will have the opportunity to share their experiences with other participants, in the presence of representatives of the investment community, from business angels, through venture capital funds and private capital, to large institutional investors. The organizers’ intention is to highlight good examples and, through open communication between the startup community, technological development centers, professional investors, and state institutions, influence the improvement of the environment for the development of innovative entrepreneurship with a common vision of a more advanced and humane society.

Over 60 speakers on 8 panels will try to answer burning questions or at least initiate a discussion. You can check the Adria Summit program here and register for it at

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