From Vine to Divine – How Irig’s Wine House and Kovačević Winery Are Redefining Gastronomy in Serbia

Irig is not just Srem; Irig becomes a whole world when you give it your attention and love, just like the Wine House and Kovačević Winery tirelessly do

Enthusiastic evenings remind us how blessed we are with the fruits of nature and that the fantasy factor is not only reserved for faraway, exotic destinations.

Since October 2023, the fine dining scene in Serbia and the region has no longer been the same! Michelin stars shine above Fruška Gora, and prestigious chefs with their specialties remind us of the fruitful climate in which we live and walk.

Organic, the way nature wants – that is the philosophy of fine dining evenings, which represent a fusion of food and selected archive labels, organic wines of the Kovačević winery, but also the exchange of impeccable culinary experiences.

Chefs Jure Tomić, Igor Jagodić, and Luka Košir – so far are guest chefs at exclusive dinners, and soon the Kovačević Wine House will have the opportunity on March 21 to host Zlatko Marinović, a legend of the Dalmatian gastronomy scene, who, together with his grandson, is coming to leave everyone present with his art out of breath.

Wine house Kovačević has set new standards in catering in Fruška Gora and beyond, paying attention to every detail of impeccable service with uncompromising quality.

This kind of pleasure becomes not only a wish but also a desire of true hedonists, and since the number of places is limited, more places are often requested! That’s why mark March 21 in your gastronomic calendar as the day when you have a unique opportunity to attend an event just like this, an event not to be missed.

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