Kuwaiti Independence Gala Sparkles in Belgrade

Marking the dual occasion of the 62nd anniversary of Statehood and the 32nd anniversary of Liberation, the Embassy of Kuwait in Serbia hosted a celebratory reception at the Hyatt Hotel in Belgrade

The event was presided over by the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Fayez Mujbel Sulaiman Almutairi, and saw the attendance of a distinguished assembly including Serbian government ministers, state and military officials, representatives from various religious communities, and notable figures from the realms of politics, culture, and the diplomatic corps.

The gathering was an opportunity to highlight the enduring and evolving relationship between Serbia and Kuwait, focusing on the ongoing development of their comprehensive bilateral cooperation. The reception not only commemorated Kuwait’s historic achievement of independence from Great Britain in 1961, becoming the first Persian Gulf state to do so, but it also served as a testament to the importance of international relations and cooperation.

The event underscored the shared interests and mutual respect between the two nations, aiming to further strengthen their diplomatic ties and collaborative efforts in various sectors.


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