Fusion Nights on Casino Maestral stage brings the spirit of Broadway, Buenos Aires, and the French Riviera

If you are a Cabaret or Moulin Rouge fan or adore The Producers show, you will be thrilled with the program that Maestral Hotel in Pržno prepared for this summer.

Stage of Casino Maestral that hosted so many performers from the region and the World, this time will have a real fusion of top entertainment and real art. One of the best bands from our region dominates the stage with impeccable sound, class act, and energy making an atmosphere like in world-class cities.

Mladen Lukić, Mina Gligorić, and Marija Stojanović use their charm, charisma, and strong vocals to make chemistry with the audience that has to be felt.

The program was created by Milan Gromilić, and a group of top dancers joined by iconic Arsenije Tubić as the event host.

Fashion Nights in Maestral Hotel is an exciting mix of seductive Parisian cabaret, magical New York’s Broadway, London’s West End, the Mediterranean charm of the French Riviera and Monte Carlo, and energetic Argentinian tango from plazas of Buenos Aires or New Orleans carnival.

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