Throne Day – a celebration of centuries of Independence and Unity

The people of the Kingdom of Morocco celebrated on 30th July 2022 Throne Day, a commemoration of the 23rd Anniversary of the Enthronement of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, symbolizing the strength and renewed attachment of Moroccans to the Alawite throne and their unwavering bonds of allegiance to the Sovereign, which has been perpetuated for centuries.

The Throne Day represents a yearly occasion to celebrate the recent gains and accomplishments attained by the country and reflects on the challenges that still lie ahead to achieve His Majesty’s vision of a modern and prosperous State.

H.E.Mohammed Amine Belhaj, ambassador of Morocco to Serbia

We are maintaining the course in turbulent times

As you already know, our world faces a multifaceted crisis affecting every aspect of our lives. These challenges range from the terrible effects of Global warming on our planet, the risks to our food security, the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic, its negative economic consequences, the disruption of supply chains, and the surge in oil prices and gas to the rise in inflation.

To this end, the Moroccan Government, under the insightful vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, overcame these challenges above to a large extent through a holistic approach that prioritized citizens, especially the most vulnerable ones.

The Kingdom is working actively to consolidate its food, energy, and health sovereignty, a concept that has resurfaced due to the abovementioned crises. Therefore, Morocco is focusing on providing solid and reliable social protection to the most affected people by the current situation and, on the other hand, securing an ideal environment for foreign investors through the recent adoption of the new investments charter aiming at the consolidation of the Kingdom’s current status, as one of the most attractive investments destinations in Africa.

Responsible Foreign Policy: an important tool to achieve development

In foreign policy, my country is cooperating closely with countries that share clearly and without ambiguous or ambivalent attitudes the same values and principles, such as the respect for international law and the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the United Nations member states. This is translated by the deepening of relations with the traditional allies of Morocco in all four corners of the world with a special emphasis on our continent, Africa, and looking for new opportunities and partnerships to diversify and enlarge our circle of friends.

Morocco, which made significant internal achievements and brought substantial input to the international scene, stands today as a key player and credible partner on the issues of climate change, conflict resolution, terrorism, and illegal migration.

Morocco and Serbia: 65 years of the solid partnership

This year The Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Serbia celebrated the 65th anniversary of establishing their diplomatic relations, which are currently experiencing an exceptional momentum based on friendship, mutual respect, and trust, as well as on a convergence of views on issues of common interest.

This jubilee designated by our two Foreign Ministers as “the Year of Morocco in Serbia” and “the Year of Serbia in Morocco” allowed both our people to discover more about each other’s culture, art, cinema, and economic opportunities and to reinforce the long-lasting ties of friendship that already existed between our nations.

On the political level, our cooperation is getting stronger, leading to a strategic partnership, which is illustrated by a regular political dialogue, reinforcement of the legal framework, numerous exchanges of high-level visits, and exemplary coordination in the different International Organizations. In this regard, I would like to seize this opportunity to laud the constructive position of the Republic of Serbia, which joined the large international consensus which considers the Moroccan autonomy initiative, under Moroccan sovereignty, as a serious and credible solution for the resolution of the Sahara issue.

On the other hand, we are looking forward to the organization of the 3rd joint Economic Commission and the first Business forum in Belgrade sometime this year, intending to transform excellent political relations into real economic opportunities that bring prosperity and wealth to our people.

The Kingdom of Morocco is determined to continue its cooperation and distinguished partnership with the Republic of Serbia. We strongly believe that working together will achieve our common development vision and embed our relations in excellence.

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