Gala dinner ended the seventh conference “The Economist: The World in 2019”

A gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel was held in Belgrade at the seventh conference “The Economist: The World in 2019”, which discussed the results of 2018 and the development forecasts in 2019.

The conference was held in the House of the National Assembly of Serbia, organized by the company “Color Media Communications”.

Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrici and Director of the European Investment Bank for the Western Balkans Dubravka Negre spoke at the panel of gala dinners “Serbia in 2019”.

Negre pointed out that the EIB is pleased with the year that we leave behind, because in 2018 only in Serbia, the EIB Group has signed contracts for investments worth more than 500 million euros, the highest amount since 2011.

“The EIB and the Government of Serbia are working on capital infrastructure projects, but we are also helping the private sector. In the year after us, our group has identified more than 300 million euros to help small and medium-sized enterprises, which helped the business to entrepreneurs with innovations, enabled the employment of 40,000 workers, “said Negre.

Fabrici said that the future of the Western Balkans is in the EU, and said that this year was very important for the EU when it comes to legislation, and that ahead of Serbia and other countries of the region there are many challenges on the road to the EU.

As he said, he predicts economic forecasts for economists in 2019, but believes that Serbia must stay on the right path to the EU, because it is already deeply “in the system”.

The session’s moderator was the head of the negotiating team, Tanja Miščević, and the diplomats were present at the evening, highlighting the representatives of the Serbian economy, international companies, the world of private business.

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