SBB is the winner of the SAM awards for the EON platform, the biggest innovation in the region

The “Exorbitance of the Year” award, traditionally awarded by the Serbian Association of Managers, for SBB’s 2018 year, was to launch a unique technological innovation in the region – EON set top boxing. EON has brought to the market a brand new era of television in the form of an integrated platform that connects television content with android TV digital services and applications, converting each TV to Smart TV.

Thanks to this concept, users on their TV can watch channels from the SBB offer, use all EON advanced functionality and android services like You Tube, Google Play Music, Google Play Games download and play games, but also use thousands of other applications from the Google Play Store.

“After the CSI Award for the Best TV Platform, won by our engineers and technology experts from United Cloud and the Red Dot Award for Innovative Design of the Remote Control, I am very pleased to be on the SBB team for the” year-end. ” is a great recognition for the work of all of us in the SBB and United Group so far, but also the motivation for continuing to innovate on our market, “said SBB General Manager Aleksandar Seratlic after awarding this award, adding:” Our users are perfectly accepted EON smart boxing, which is confirmed by the huge demand for boxers, without which we even stayed and ordered new contests on two occasions, “added Seratlic.

The “Lapse of the Year” award is granted only when a business venture is achieved that represents a breakthrough in relation to standard business practices, including exceptional innovation and a special entrepreneurial venture.
The vision of SBB and United Group has brought to work 70 software engineers and technology experts from all over the region within United Cloud, the regional research and development center of United Group. With EON smart boxing, United Cloud engineers also designed a new remote control with bluetooth and voice search. Users can scroll remotely anywhere and change the channel or simply by voice commands search the content they want to watch.
After setting HD as a standard, SBB with EON first in the country delivered a 4k resolution – the most modern and high-quality TV tracking technology that provides four times the standard HD technology. EON provides the same experience on all devices, which means users will be able to start watching a movie from the Video Club, for example. on the phone, and on the TV.

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