Georgia Celebrated EU Candidacy and Bid Farewell to Esteemed Diplomat

In a significant diplomatic event, the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Serbia hosted an exclusive reception to mark a momentous occasion: Georgia’s newly granted status as a candidate country for the European Union. This event not only signified a pivotal step in Georgia’s journey towards EU integration but also served as a heartfelt farewell to Mr. Ilia Koberidze, the Head of Mission, and his spouse Mrs Keshelava

The celebration, which took place in Belgrade, was a gathering of a select group, described as a “narrow circle of friends” of Mr Koberidze and Mrs Keshelava. This intimate setting reflected the close-knit community that had formed around the Georgian mission under Mr. Koberidze’s leadership.

Mr. Koberidze’s tenure had been marked by significant diplomatic achievements, most notably advancing Georgia’s aspirations to join the European Union. His efforts had been instrumental in fostering stronger ties between Georgia and Serbia, as well as with other EU member states.

The reception was attended by notable figures from the diplomatic community, government officials, and representatives of the Georgian diaspora. It not only celebrated Georgia’s EU candidacy but also honoured the contributions of Mr Koberidze and his spouse, who had been pivotal in promoting Georgian interests in Serbia.

As Georgia stepped onto the new stage of its European journey, this event symbolized both an ending and a beginning – the conclusion of a successful diplomatic mission and the dawn of an era of heightened engagement with the European community. The embassy’s invitation to this event underscored the significance of solidarity and friendship in diplomatic relations, values that Mr. Koberidze championed during his service.


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