German scholarships awarded to Serbian students

German scholarships do not serve brain drain for Serbian students, but the opportunity for young people from Serbia to acquire experience and knowledge and to return and apply in the country said German Ambassador Thomas Schieb.

During the awarding of a scholarship for a Serbian student for the 2019/2020 school year from the scholarship program “Zoran Đinđić”, within the framework of the German Business for the Western Balkans countries and the German Academic Student Exchange (DAAD), said Schieb.

The German ambassador said that programs for students are investing in human resources and brains, adding that they have a large number of positive examples of people who have been proven in Germany, and after that they returned and found a good and important workplace in Serbia.

“These programs represent investment in young people, because the docks in Germany are familiar with the way of life, they get friends, new contacts, so this actually represents a connection between them, which allows new and further business connections – said Schieb.

He said that “Zoran Đinđić” scholarship program is comprised of students who will be sent to Germany to spend some time in German companies to gain experience after returning to Serbia and using their professional knowledge and experience. He added that now this project is very successful.

So far, according to Šib, around 700 young students from the Western Balkans region were part of this program, about 60 from Serbia.

– The idea is not a brain drain, but the opportunity for young people who gain experience and new knowledge in Germany to return to Serbia and contribute to the development of this very beautiful country – said Schieb.


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