Goran Svilanović received an award Dr. Elemer Hantos for promotion of economic cooperation in the region

Charles R. Epping, president of the Central European Foundation handed out at a ceremony in Belgrade, Dr. Elemer Hantos Award to Goran Svilanović, Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, in recognition of his work on enhancing regional economic cooperation in South East Europe.

“I am very flattered by the honour and trust in me that CEF indicated by awarding me this recognition. This is not only a confirmation of my previous work, but also an obligation to work to strengthen economic relations and cooperation in the region is set”, said Svilanović receiving the award, adding that the strong economies are the key to progress in the region and regional cooperation and networking as an essential prerequisite for the economic and overall progress. “Dr Svilanović thus combines the principles of the foundation and the man who honours the Foundation, Dr. Elemer Hantos, who during the twenties and thirties worked tirelessly to improve the economic and political integration in Central Europe”, Epping said.

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