Group B1 donated clothes to the Homeless Shelter in Novi Sad

Members of the newly founded NGO Group B1 collected clothes that they donated today to their fellow citizens in the Homeless Shelter in Novi Sad, following, among other things, their mission of support and help to individuals and marginalized groups of people.

Branka Kresoja, the president of the Association, emphasized that Group B1 informations recevied in the interview with the employees in the Shelter about the needs of their residents, will use to organize new actions in the field of realization and protection of social and civil rights of these Novi Sad people. Because, although there are no precise records, homeless people are increasingly affected by unemployment and an increase in poverty.
At the same time, Group B1 will work in the future to actively participate in the broad spectrum of actions in building a democratic society based on social justice, tolerance, dialogue and respect for human rights.

Group B1 invites volunteers to get involved in their work. More information on e-mail address:

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