Today, Crédit Agricole in Serbia presented to all gathered journalists and media repesentatives a new Crédit Agricole Group Project and a new Medium-term Plan up to 2022.

For the first time, the Group Project spells out Crédit Agricole’s Raison d’être. It serves as the basis of its unique relationship model and lies at the heart of its customer-focused universal banking model. Forward-looking and true to the daily expression of the Group’s usefulness, this Raison d’être guides the Group’s transformation and development while promoting its values of usefulness and universality. It can be summarised as, “Working every day in the interest of our customers and society”.

Within this new long-term framework, the 2022 strategic plan is a roadmap for profitable growth for Crédit Agricole. It builds upon the previous Medium-Term Plan, Strategic Ambitions 2020, which delivered almost all of its financial results a year ahead of schedule. It seeks to amplify and accelerate the Group’s growth in an uncertain environment, and in a context of growing societal expectations.

Being a part of a strong banking group, Crédit Agricole in Serbia has to offer a wide range expertise. Applying this strategy in Serbia, Crédit Agricole can give to all its clients ongoing support on a daily basis and for their projects in life, in particular by helping them to guard against uncertainties and to plan for the long term. This is why for Crédit Agricole worldwide, and in Serbia too, the main goal is to be a trusted partner to all its customers.

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