H.E. Bassel Ahmed: In addition to the most popular Hurghada, this year we have prepared various offers for tourists from Serbia

H.E. Bassel Ahmed, Egypt’s ambassador to Serbia, said that this year his country is ready to offer something new that will include various branches of tourism: “Egypt has prepared several packages for tourists from Serbia this year. The most popular destination for Serbian tourists in previous years was Hurghada, but this year we will offer a new variety of tourist destinations that will support several types of tourism including marine tourism, eco-tourism as well as cultural tourism.”

“In mid-May, we will launch a direct flight between Belgrade and Cairo, which is the perfect destination for tourists who are interested in history, pharaohs, ancestors, and Islamic and Christian Orthodox culture,” said the ambassador.

H.E. Bassel Ahmed announced a new destination that can be attractive to our tourists.

“I would like to announce that at the beginning of June, we are offering a new destination for Serbian tourists.” It is on the Northern coast of Egypt, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea and stretches for 200 kilometers. If tourists from Serbia think that Hurghada and the Red Sea are the perfect places to visit, once they visit the North Coast, they will be amazed by the crystal blue water with fine waves ideal for sea tourism, as well as the white sandy beaches with lots of creative activities on the beach,” he added.

The ambassador pointed out “that there are a large number of five-star resorts and hotels at affordable prices, with a direct flight from Belgrade to Matruh, which is only fifteen kilometers away from the first sea resorts.”

He also mentioned that the Big Blue agency is launching a new venture in June with direct charter flights from Belgrade to Sharm el-Sheikh: “Sharm el-Sheikh is another version of the Red Sea that enables a different type of tourism for Serbian tourists.” It is an upgraded version of Hurghada. Hurghada is more of a quiet city for those who want to relax by the sea, while Sharm el-Sheikh is more of a “sea city” than a “sea resort”, offering a variety of activities in the form of nightlife or shopping in the city’s large malls. ”

He invited all tourists, travel agencies, media, and interlocutors at the conference to explore these places and announced new destinations for the next season: “Next year we will work to offer three more destinations with direct flights, including Luxor, Aswan, and Marsa Alam.” Luxor and Aswan offer the largest open museums in the world for Serbian tourists.”

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