Nataša Pavlović: Today, tourists stay longer in Serbia than was the case in previous years

Nataša Pavlović, director of the Tourist Organization of Vojvodina, emphasizes that the time that tourists spend in our country has been extended compared to previous periods: “The length of stay of tourists has been extended, which is very important for all of us, so it is also one of the records that is important the entire tourism economy that we are talking about now.”

She then greeted H. E. Hami Aksoy and added that in the previous year, it was tourists from Turkey who were the most numerous in Vojvodina.

As for Vojvodina, Pavlović says that the increase in the number of tourists last year was also very large: “When we talk about the increase in tourists, in the previous year there were 56.3 percent more tourists compared to the same period in 2021.” The number of domestic tourists increased by 24.8 percent, while the number of foreign tourists increased by 113.4 percent. Therefore, we had about 335 thousand foreign tourists more than in the previous year.”

When talking about overnight stays, she adds that the data is also impressive: “Overnight stays increased by about thirty percent, and when we talk about foreign tourists, the increase in overnight stays was around 58 percent, which is extremely significant.”

The destinations visited by tourists in the previous year in Vojvodina remained mostly the same, so it can be said that, in this regard, tourists continued to “follow the trends”.

“It is important to emphasize that the most visited were Novi Sad, which achieved an increase in arrivals by 73 percent, Subotica by 96 percent and Sombor by 58 percent.” Banja Vrdnik is extremely popular and it is winning more and more domestic and foreign tourists,” she said.

The director of TO Vojvodina drew attention to the fact that domestic tourists are extremely important: “We should not forget how much domestic tourists conquered and how much that “revenge” tourism brought us all numerous benefits and, of course, TO Vojvodina will continue to do tours for domestic tourists, as she has done all previous years.”

As an important tourist project, she pointed out the one called “Sail Serbia”.

“I am pleased that the big project “Sail through Serbia” has been completed and that it will pay a lot of attention to nautical tourism and active vacations in the Danube region,” she added.

The entire conference can be viewed HERE.

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