Halkbank: A Shared Heritage

Divan, komšija, čaj, šećer, taman, muštuluk, lokum, mašala… there are many things that are common in Serbian and Turkish languages. But, there is much more than words that still connects Turkey and Serbia. That is what was the starting poing for the creative agency McCann Belgrade when designing a campaign for a new client, a famous Turkish bank Halkbank.

halk mali baner

This bank is one of the largest in Turkey, and is relatively new on the Serbian banking market. In this region the most trusted banks are, conditionally said “Germanic” and those coming from other European areas. The challenge was how to make this “specific” origin of Halkbank to be its advantage. The task that the creative team of McCann Beograd faced was to raise awareness among the population and potential clients on the operations of the bank on Serbian market, to excel it, and make it original on the increasingly demanding banking market.

“We realised that there is a huge number of things, customs, cultural determinants, gestures and words that are common to people in Serbia and Turkey. We have singled out the positive ones and made a commercial in which we use only those things that are common to both peoples,that we all understand, such as: DIVAN, KOMŠIJA, ČAJ, ŠEĆER, TAMAN, LOKUM, MUŠTULUK, MAŠALA because there is so much that unites us” says Bojan Babić, a member of the creative team of McCann Belgrade.

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