Heineken presented valuable investments in the brewery in Novi Sad

On the occasion of the presentation of the investments that have made the “Heineken” brewery in Novi Sad one of the most technologically advanced in the region, the well-known company gathered the ambassador of the Netherlands in Serbia, H.E. Jost Reinćes, President of the Provincial Government Igor Mirović and Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Đurić, as well as numerous journalists who were able to see for themselves the production innovations.

Neda Đokić, the director of the company “Heineken Serbia”, welcomed the high-ranking officials by first taking them through the production plant, after which they held a short meeting, and then they all addressed the journalists.

The first to address the crowd was Neda Đokić, who welcomed everyone and said that the company “Heineken Serbia” has been the leader in the Serbian beer market since 2017 with brands such as “Heineken”, “Birra Moretti”, “Laško”, “Amstel”. ” and “Zaječarsko”, but also that they strive to justify that role with valuable investments that, in the previous two years alone, amount to 16 million euros.

“Through these investments, production efficiency was improved by 50 percent, and pollution emissions were reduced by 70 percent, while a wastewater system was also established,” Djokic said.

H.E. Jost Reinćes, ambassador of the Netherlands, pointed out that the community of Dutch companies in Serbia is growing, as well as that the income they generate together has exceeded one billion euros. He added that Dutch breweries are traditionally good at producing beer, but it is also a good thing when tradition and innovation in the form of new technologies come together, as is the case here.

Milan Đurić said that the business of a company like “Heineken” in Novi Sad means that this city has an excellent economic environment and expressed the hope that the company will increase production and enter new markets so that, in addition to the current 200 employees, this brewery could employ more people.

“I am happy that companies respect the place where they do business”, said Đurić and added that in this case it can be seen from the participation of “Heineken” in socially beneficial actions, such as when employees planted trees, but also from the fact that the focus is on sustainable business and moderation in the consumption of energy and natural resources.

The President of the Provincial Government, Igor Mirović, began his address with data showing that a record low number of unemployment was reached in Vojvodina in March and then referred to the investments of the “Heineken” company, saying that he is glad that there is trust in the local team and employees, but also that the province will offer financial incentives for producers of raw materials used in the brewery in order to have a greater share in the production process. He ended his presentation by wishing business success to the company and all employees.

The company “Heineken” has, in addition to the mentioned achievements achieved through investments, established or perfected filling and labeling plants that are now among the most modern, but also managed to make the increased production, with innovative technology, more sustainable, by emitting less pollution and consuming less natural resources.

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