Saša Zarić: We are very lucky to be a nation that likes to travel

Saša Zarić, the owner of the Ponte Travel travel agency, at the “Summer 2023” conference panel, pointed out that tourists from our country travel to various destinations, which is an advantage for travel agencies: “Yes, these are destinations such as Greece, Turkey, Egypt, yes let’s add Italy and Spain, which are also popular, so to speak, we cover the entire Mediterranean and let’s add the Red Sea as well. For a country like Serbia, which belongs to smaller countries, it is the pride of all of us who work in tourism.”

He says that his agency has a slightly different concept from the others and that they always try to get out of the stereotypes of what is offered on our market.

“What we like to do when we are given the opportunity, and here we are given the opportunity, and I would like to thank H.E. the ambassador of Egypt who is providing incredible help to open another destination with us, which is the North Coast or ” North coast” as everyone calls it in Egypt, something that will quite surprise all those who love Egypt, first of all, and then the good sea, beautiful beaches and, of course, Egyptian hospitality, hotels. I would like to talk about it because it is an area that is relatively poorly known to our tourists. However, to my surprise, it seems that this is not quite the case considering the bookings that, for example, we currently have for that destination, and we are still in the pre-season,” said Zarić.

In addition to the fact that our tourists visit various destinations, the owner of Ponte Travel believes that travel agencies are lucky that we are a people who love to travel: “What I have to emphasize is that we are very lucky, you know, we have been a people who love that he moves and likes to travel and somehow it is in our tradition that we have to go to the sea, which for health reasons in terms of children or elderly people and I think the thing is that just changing the destination you are in gives you some new strength and an incentive for some new victories.”

The entire conference can be viewed HERE.

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