Hemofarm supports national campaign “You Are Not Alone”

“Hemofarm’s portfolio contains thousands of medicines for the treatment of various diseases, but modern medicine unfortunately has not yet discovered a cure for any disease. One of the more important “drugs” that mankind needs to discover is the one that our society will free from the prejudices that exist towards the sick, “said Hemofarm CEO Ronald Zeliger, on the occasion of the launch of the” You are not alone “campaign dedicated to the mental health of young people in particular.

Beograd, 11.10.2018. – Konferencija povodom pocetka projekta i kampanje “Niste sami”, za prevazilazenje predrasuda prema mladima s problemima mentalnog zdravlja i invaliditetom, odrzana je danas u Domu Narodne skupstine. Na fotografiji generalni direktor kompanije Telekom Srbija Predrag Culibrk i generalni direktor Hemofarma i potpredsednik Stada grupe Ronald Zeliger (D). (BETAPHOTO/MILAN OBRADOVIC/DS)

Zeliger stressed that stigmatization of the sick has a serious impact on the well-being of patients and that it is time to break down the prejudices about people with mental disabilities and disabilities created by earlier generations.

“Hemofarm as a pharmaceutical leader is very active in raising the awareness of society about the importance of disease prevention, and with the support of this campaign we want to influence the better treatment of people with mental health problems. Sometimes a helping hand, sometimes a donation, and sometimes financial aid, is enough. It is necessary that all stakeholders of the society: state institutions, the business community and civil society, join efforts and support people with mental disorders. We must openly talk about the reality they face, to educate the community and eliminate stigmatization associated with any disease. Only then will we be a mature society, “concluded Zeliger.

Hemofarm is one of the three companies that supported the project “You Are Not alone” presented in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. This project aims to overcome prejudices against young people with mental disabilities and disabilities. After Belgrade, the stands in six cities in Serbia follow.

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