Novi Sad has announced a public call to improve Spens business

The City of Novi Sad on its website announced a non-binding public invitation to collect letters of interest for managing and improving its operations, with investment in JP Sport and Business Center Vojvodina (Spens) through a public-private partnership.

As indicated in the invitation, investment investments include all the works necessary for its more efficient utilization, better energy efficiency, more stable and better infrastructure.

This implies all construction and other works with the installation of installations, plants and equipment, as well as investment in additional space that will form a separate or unified functional or technical unit.

In the Public Invitation it is specified that the interested parties should provide partner and reference data, a framework business plan for a period of at least 15 years, a conceptual solution for the investment program and the planned structure of financing, as well as the means of security.

All received bids will be analyzed by the commission, and the deadline for application is December 20, at 12.00.


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