Hemofarm won the VIRTUS Main Award for philantropy

Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation won the VIRTUS Main Award for Contribution at the national level for the campaign to support the programme of organ donation and transplantation in Serbia – THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL IN LIFE.

Ronald Seeliger, generalni direktor Hemofarma i Ana Brnabic, Ministarka državne uprave i lokalne samouprave Ronald Seeliger i Ana Brnabic na dodeli glavne Virtus nagrade Ronald Seeliger i Ana Brnabic, potpisnica donorske kartice

June 6th was declared the National Day of the donor. “With only three donors per million inhabitants of Serbia is at the very bottom of the list of European donors and our campaign is focused on the fact that the donation is no longer incident, but to become a phenomenon such as is the case in some European countries and in the region.” – said Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm and Vice President of STADA Group for South East Europe.

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