Société Générale new payment system

Société Générale Bank has established the latest international payments system, which allows customers to perform transactions to foreign countries with very tight deadlines, with one of the most reliable online services. Enhanced e-banking tools of Société Générale are processing client orders for the payment within 45 minutes, and the novelty is the possibility of unifying the whole process of payment, by sending supporting documentation.

New HO building Societe Generale

“Payments are, unfortunately, one of the most alluring targets for cyber crime” explains Ivan Bulajić, Executive Director of Operations of Société Générale. Société Générale on Serbian market offers sending orders and supporting documentation in the consolidated form, which, according to them, excludes the possibility of intercepting messages between the client and the bank and changes to their content. The latest service enables customers to carry out the whole process much easier, without requiring additional communication by e-mail until after the execution of the order the client receives confirmation of payments by an average of less than one hour.

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