“How to Be Free?” Delighted the Belgrade Audience – Special Award of the Beldocs Jury Has Also Arrived

For the documentary “How to be Free?” More tickets were requested for Nikola Polić, and after the premiere in Dom omladine, the audience applauded loudly, overcome with emotion

Viewers were touched by the intimate story about the life and family of the Belgrade painter Slobodan Kovačević Bobiša, which the young director presented in a very special way, following their lives for almost a decade.

After the performance, the entire Kovačević family, as well as the film crew, appeared on stage and shared their impressions and emotions with the audience. This documentary film was also touched by the jury of the Beldocs festival, where it was premiered, and it was awarded a special award within the Serbian competition program.

What at the very beginning seems like a small, intimate story about a talented artist who never managed to break through, turns into a realistic portrayal of a probably unrealistic attempt to live comfortably and with dignity in Serbia for the last 30 years. The author creates a believable portrait of the main character, his family and society through cultural, political and economic circumstances – the jury’s decision states.

Author Nikola Polić says that he wanted the domestic audience to see this film first because it speaks a little about all of us, as well as the time in which we live.

“Although it is a practice for our films to premiere at foreign festivals, I wanted the film about Slobodan to be seen first by the Belgrade audience. His art and inspiration is related to this city, which is our best scenography in the film”, explains Polić and adds:

“I won’t hide it, I didn’t expect such a response from the audience and I was very nervous about how the audience would accept it and whether they would understand and find themselves in a family story. However, I received unreal support from the viewer and so many beautiful feelings – we cried and laughed together”

The film “How to be Free?” was created within the Kino workshop association, which was founded in 2021 with the aim of gathering and supporting young filmmakers. In addition to the director, the author team consists of: Branka Pavlović, Ana Krstajić, Antonio Toni Andrić, Milica Drakulić, Mila Delić, Nenad Nikolić.

Let us remind you that Nikola Polić entered the world of film while still a high school student, having recorded the documentary film “Invisible” back in 2010, with which he transferred the story of the life of sex workers in Belgrade to the screen. Director and video artist. Graduated and master’s degree in film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. In his works, he explores minority and sensitive social groups, his films “Invisible”, “Wall/Mur”, “I Can”, “The Only”, “In the Network”, “Voices of Memory”, “Returning Home”, “Take Me, wherever” were shown and awarded at many festivals in Serbia and abroad.

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