New Facility of the Largest Private Hospital for Ophthalmology in Serbia Opened in Belgrade

Corneal transplants, laser removal of diopters on a state-of-the-art laser, installation of mutifocal lenses, treatment of severe trauma, complex retinal ablations and installation of drainage implants for glaucoma, as well as microendoscopic tear duct operations – are just some of the exclusive services and methods that will be available to patients within the newly opened facility of the Special Hospital for Ophthalmology “Klinika Miloš”, the largest private eye hospital in Serbia

The health services of “Klinika Miloš”, which is part of the MediGroup health system, are now available at the new address at Vidska Street 24, in an impressive space of 2,500 square meters.

It is an institution that is a pioneer in innovations and new technologies in ophthalmology with 25 years of tradition, trust, dedication and expertise of top ophthalmologists. At the same time, “Klinika Miloš” is also an important center for the education of ophthalmologists within the KME program, and it is particularly notable for its biennial international symposia, which are attended by more than 800 ophthalmologists from the entire region.

At the opening event, the ribbon was symbolically cut by Marijana Vasilesku, general director of the MediGroup system, Marija Rabrenović, operational director of the MediGroup system and prof. Dr. Zora Ignjatović, director of “Klinika Miloš”, which made official the start of the institution’s work at the new location.

Marijana Vasilesku, general director of the MediGroup system, pointed out that “Klinika Miloš” sets standards in the field of ophthalmology, with the constant training of doctors and medical staff, as well as the use of the most modern equipment.

“We are proud that citizens now have the most modern ophthalmology hospital available in one place, in accordance with the highest world standards.” A truly exceptional professional team with the help of state-of-the-art technology and equipment will continue to take dedicated care of vision health. “By opening a new unified location of the “Klinika Miloš”, we confirm our mission – comprehensive, high-quality health care while increasing the availability of our services,” Vasilesku emphasized.

As part of the new hospital, there is also a new special department for pediatric ophthalmology, with the Center for Strabology, headed by Dr. Milorad Ljutica, a recognized expert in this field of ophthalmology in the region and beyond. At the same time, the application of many years of experience in working with the FEMTO laser for diopter reduction, cataract surgery with the installation of the most modern multifocal lenses and glaucoma surgery continues, as well as the application of DMEK and PKP methods for keratoplasty, i.e. corneal transplantation, in cooperation with world-renowned American eye banks that guarantee maximum results and safety. Also, for decades at the “Klinika Miloš” sight has been restored to blind patients suffering from diabetes, severe eye trauma and complex retinal ablations from the entire region.

As a pioneer in Serbia in the application of new methods of corneal transplantation, “Klinika Miloš” performs as many as 100 such operations per year, and in addition, new microendoscopic procedures are available, which makes it the only clinic that offers its users this unique method for tear duct surgery.

Prof. Dr. Zora Ignjatović, who heads the hospital, points out that “Klinika Miloš” is recognized as a recommendation by patients and colleagues, which represents the biggest incentive for further work and development.

“In the new facility of the “Klinika Miloš”, patients are provided with greater comfort and a more pleasant environment, and the new space brings opportunities for optimizing work and improving knowledge while maintaining the top quality that we have been nurturing for 25 years. We have a clear view of the future in which we plan to maintain a leadership position in innovation and expertise, as a Center of excellence in ophthalmology, providing the best to our patients,” said Prof. Dr. Ignjatović.

Health services of the Miloš Clinic will be available to all patients at the new address Vidska 24, on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Find more information on the website.

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