How to ensure that employees return to a healthy business environment? 6 steps for a successful return to the office

The leading real estate consultancy, CBS International, presents a new way of office space organization called “Six Feet Office Concept”

After the official abolition of the state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies have resumed regular business activities from their offices. However, the World Health Organization and the Government of the Republic of Serbia recommend maintaining social distance, as a result of which the operations of many companies will be changed. Thus, disinfection barriers, disinfectants, the adequate distance between employees and a new way of organizing the workspace are some of the key things that companies will have to implement.

That is why the leading real estate consultancy, CBS International has implemented a new office space concept called “Six Feet Office”, which is a result of several weeks of practice and experience of the expert team from CBS International’s global partner, Cushman & Wakefield, in China. The development of a series of steps that ensure a safe return of employees to work is the result of the work of the best real estate and health experts. The guide includes 6 elements that every office space should follow, so that the employees are far enough from each other, thus adequately being protected.

The implementation of these 6 elements changes the overall behavior in the office, which is facilitated through properly set tables and visual signals so that the employees are not sitting too close. There are also signs showing recommended routes throughout the office space, as well as properly marked seating arrangements in the conference rooms.

“Six Feet Office” has helped tens of thousands of companies worldwide to bring almost two million of their employees efficiently back to work. CBS International is at the moment preparing for the successful implementation of this concept in several reputable companies in our country.

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