Human Driven Reshape – nominate an HR business practice that stands out

ManpowerGroup Serbia is a company that provides innovative human resource solutions based on knowledge, people, and innovations.

Our experience implies trust, and trust implies responsibility. We think, work and create responsibly. Our values are knowledge, people, and innovations. All the values are equally important to us, but in any sequence, we place the people first. To place declaratively the human capital first is very important. We strive to work on something even more important, and that is to practically empower the good business practices. That is why we have launched the “Human Driven Reshape” project which aims to promote good business practices which focus on taking care of the people.

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What is the goal of the program?

The primary goal of the project is to select the best HR business practice which brings value to the employees, company, and society as a whole.

Business practice implies a company’s sustainable business practice (practice has been applied for at least 2 years) which brings value to the employees, company, and society.
Besides the primary goal to promote good and humane business practices, a motive for pursuing this project is also the improvement of the business environment by motivating the other legal entities to conduct similar activities.

A low level of unemployment and an increase in brain drain are the additional motivating factors for domestic and global companies operating locally to take more into account the needs of human capital while defining the strategies.

You can find more about the project HERE, and you can nominate your HR practice/transformation HERE.

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