The team, consisting of actors Bojan Perić, Milan Kalinić and writer Marko Vidojković, winners of McDonald’s humanitarian competition in the speed and skill of making BigMac burgers, organised at McDonald’s restaurant in Terazije.

The expert jury, made by Slobodan Radeta of Ill Primo Cooking School, Slađana Koričanac and Nenad Dašić from McDonald’s, had a very difficult task to declare the winning teams that McDonald’s rewarded with cash prizes. The total budget of the prize was 376,000.00 dinars. “The goal of today’s socialising was to host our associates from public life and the media, but in an unusual way. It is known that McDonaldd’s significant attention is dedicated to the support of the community in which it operates and for many years we support various humanitarian associations, as well as sports and cultural events. That’s why we decided to donate 3,000 euros through the speed and skill making BigMac burger this time, with the fastest team getting 1,500, the second in 1,000 and the third 500 euros. We are really happy and grateful to everyone who participated in this humanitarian event today, “said Desanka Landauer, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Serbia.

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