Nelt Group owner of 80% Montenomaks C&L

Neregelia, which operates within the Nelt Group and is a leader in the distribution market of Montenegro, on behalf of its founder, has recently been managing 80% of Montenomax C&L, which provides logistics and forwarding services.


Montenomaks became the 13th company within the regional system of the Nelt Group. “As we recently announced during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of our company, we continue to expand our focus areas to focus on integrated logistics services. With great satisfaction, I can inform the public that the acquisition of Montenomaks has been completed, the majority of which we are managing today” said Neregelia Executive Director Ljilja Pižurica, adding: “Our strategic goal is to achieve business excellence from the distribution domain of Neregelia, and with many years of experience in logistics and freight forwarding, we present the market a unique service for integrated logistics services.”

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