Hundreds of trees will reduce the effects of harmful emissions

DDOR osiguranje has launched an urban afforestation campaign

In an effort to make the environment in which it operates better for the life and work of all citizens, DDOR osiguranje launched the campaign “For the forest in your neighbourhood” with the aim of creating urban oases that will positively affect the effects of emissions, but also long-term improvement environment and living conditions in Serbian cities. The action will cover the period from the beginning of May to the end of September 2022 and implies the allocation of funds from each contracted eco-policy for planting hundreds of trees in the fall of this year. By contracting eco-casco or eco-Moja kućica insurance, clients will directly contribute to how many trees will decorate different parts of Serbian cities. The first opportunity for that will be at the event DDOR ECO BG CAR SHOW VII where all those interested will be able to get all the information about this action, about casco offer for standard, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles, but also to participate in competitions and knowledge and skillfully won valuable prizes.

Francesco Masci, President of the EB of DDOR osiguranje/ Promo DDOR

“I’d like to thank and congratulate the organizers of this edition of the Belgrade Car Show, as they have successfully managed to set up such an important event for the country, the car industry, all the stakeholders like DDOR and in the end the community of Belgrade, despite all the challenges. DDOR osiguranje is the General Sponsor of the Belgrade Car Show for the ninth time, and I am proud to be here with you, as the representative of a financial institution rooted in the Serbian market and strongly connected with the car industry due to its leading competitive positioning in the Motor insurance segment, and with a historically dedicated effort, passion and commitment to supporting the community and the clients”, said the President of the EB of DDOR osiguranje Francesco Masci and added: ” We fully share the values of the organizers of this event and, as part of Unipol Group, a leading European financial group, we are also strongly committed to protecting the environment and fighting the climate change which has a tremendous impact on adverse weather events and natural catastrophes. This year’s edition of the Belgrade Car Show focuses on the care for the environment, which in combination with mobility, is one of the Sustainable Development Goals of both DDOR and our Unipol Group, namely creating sustainable cities and communities. Having said that, our intention, as a responsible part of the community, was to contribute to the project For the forest in your neighbourhood aiming at the improvement of the living and working conditions by planting trees in urban areas.”

Francesco Masci, President of the EB of DDOR osiguranje and President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić/ Promo DDOR

After the opening, the delegation led by the President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, visited the stand of DDOR osiguranje. The President thanked  Mr. Masci and DDOR insurance for their support in organizing the Fair and wished them a lot of success in their work at the just-opened event and in protecting the lives and property of Serbian citizens.

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić and Francesco Masci, President of the EB of DDOR osiguranje/ Promo DDOR

DDOR osiguranje, the General sponsor of the DDOR ECO BG CAR SHOW VII, will be present at the usual place in Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair and has prepared interesting activations for all visitors in which they will reward all those who successfully master the DDOR ECO QUIZ. Also, for all visitors who apply to be directly part of the action of planting trees in their city, DDOR will award special promo codes with discounts for online insurance contracting. In addition to these activities, the company has prepared numerous surprises in cooperation with its long-term partners for the visitors of their stand. After the fair, all citizens of Serbia will have the opportunity to vote at to determine the cities where urban forests will be planted.

Promo DDOR

Let us remind you, DDOR osiguranje has been investing in the promotion and education of all participants on traffic safety for years, and in the last ten years, it has invested more than 3 million euros in order for thousands of drivers to master NAVAK – National Driving Academy training. This year, in cooperation with this institution, training was prepared at the Car Show, but also prize training for those who contract casco insurance for their hybrid or electric vehicle.

Promo DDOR

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