Introducing the “GOOD THING” Initiative by Metod Brands

In today’s rapidly changing world, the power of good cannot be underestimated. Every noble initiative, however small or large, has the potential to make a difference. It’s often seen that many incredible ideas falter, not because they lack merit, but because they don’t have the right platform or means to be communicated effectively. Recognizing this gap, the team from Metod Brands has launched a commendable initiative: GOOD THING.

What is the “GOOD THING” Initiative?
The “GOOD THING” is a Pro Bono initiative launched by the passionate team at Metod Brands. Recognizing the importance of giving back, the agency aims to contribute its expertise, experience, and time to deserving organizations, associations, or individuals with admirable ideas. The core essence of the initiative is the belief that sometimes, all a noble idea needs is a little nudge in the right direction and the right resources to thrive.

The team at Metod Brands has decades of experience, having collaborated with a lot of local and international clients. They wish to employ this vast repository of knowledge for causes that matter. As they poignantly put it, “The most precious thing I have to give is my time.”

How Can They Help?
Metod Brands is offering its prowess in various domains to help realize your vision. Whether you need a creative idea for a campaign, a visual identity for a project, a packaging design, or any other communication tool, they’re on hand to assist.

Who Can Participate?
The “GOOD THING” contest welcomes participation from:

– Citizen associations
– Non-governmental organizations
– Startup organizations
– Informal associations
– Individuals

While all ideas are embraced with open arms, there’s a special emphasis on projects that resonate with communal or environmental betterment, essentially enriching society at large.

How to Get Involved?
The application is straightforward. Interested entities can apply through a designated form available from October 3, 2023, to October 22, 2023. Results will be unveiled on October 30 on Metod Brands’ official website and their social media platforms. The chosen project will receive all the specified communication services from Metod Brands free of charge.

An Inspiring Call for Collaboration

With aspirations for the “GOOD THING” to become an annual tradition, Metod Brands hopes to see it expand into a widespread platform. They cordially invite media houses, corporations, and organizations to join hands in making this dream a reality. As the saying goes, “No act of kindness, however small is ever wasted.

Connect with Metod Brands
For further details or any queries, please reach out to Metod Brands at

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