Virtual Tech Job Fair, 17-19. October 2023

If you’re wondering how the IT market will continue to evolve and how IT employees will migrate in the coming days, you might want to visit the virtual Tech Job Fair next week (October 17-19).

The Virtual Tech Job Fair (TJF) is a job fair strongly supported by a rich and diverse program. One of the features of the Virtual TJF is the diverse program, which includes panels, debates, and talk-shows. Visitors are thus engaged with the content in different ways, making the learning experience informative and engaging.

The goal of the entire event, including the conferences in the program, is to provide participants with valuable insights into both career development and the future of technology. Companies have the opportunity to find the right staff for employment.

On the first day of the program, entitled “Stay or leave“, the big question of choosing a career is addressed. The panels provide participants with significant insights into the pros and cons of staying in their current positions or transitioning to new ones. It is expected to be a day that will make participants think about their career paths.

The second day, titled “Tools for Future Skills” is a stockpile of information for those looking to future-proof their careers. The program includes discussions on future skills, the ever-changing IT market, and the tools needed to succeed in this growing industry. Participants will gain a clear understanding of what it takes to stay competitive in the technology world.

The final day, called “Early Career Development“, is dedicated to IT professionals who are just starting their journey in the industry. Participants will gain insights on how to launch a career and how to navigate the complex network of opportunities available in the technology ecosystem of the Adriatic region.

The program was created by prof. Dr. Blaženka Divjak and some of the speakers are Luka Abrus (Five, Silicon Garden, etc.), Jasmina Koprivica (Euronews Serbia), Marko Božić (Noom), Dr. Saša Ceci (IRB), Teuta Duletić (Lurssen Design Center Kvarner), Robert Čoban (Color Press Group), Bojan Radlović (Fortenova), Ognjen Zlatev (European Commission), Ivan Minić (Digitalk, Pojačalo) and many others.

See the detailed program at, save your place, and register for free for the virtual Tech Job Fair.

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