It’s beach time!

Due to bad circumstances, last year shed new light on vacationing in our country. And what resembles the sea coast more than wide rivers and lakes? Yet again, Instagram and Facebook were flooded with photos from Vojvodina’s beaches since Vojvodina has a lot to offer in that department.


When you mention Vojvodina, one often associates it with the longest Serbian river – the Danube. But before it merges with the Danube, the Sava River enters Vojvodina from the west. It is near Sremska Mitrovica that it makes one of the beautiful bends that created some of the most beautiful beaches in this part of the world. The beach called Brioni is considered the best here and one of the most beautiful river beaches in Serbia. Brioni is a sandy beach that has a wonderful view of the Mačva district and several restaurants, cafes and sports fields. This impressive beach complex is the hub of activities during the day and the central location for nightlife from late June to mid-September. Even back during the Austro-Hungarian days, this beach was used by locals – of course, men wore striped one-piece swimsuits and women had to wear caps in addition to a swimsuit. Men and women were separated, and each had their own part of the beach.


The mighty Danube comes down from the north and forks out into many tributaries, known as Dunavci. This is due to the frequent changes in the Danube’s riverbed, which also made it possible for the villages on the shore to have picnic areas, river inns and beautifully landscaped beaches on the warm, emerald green water. In addition to the rural gems such as Bezdan and Bački Monoštor, there are also Šebešfok, Korlatoš or Podunav. Downstream, in Apatin, there is the famous White Rose (Bela Ruža), a tributary of the Danube that turns into a hive of activity during the summer. The people who live in Sombor often come to Apatin to swim in the Danube, despite Sombor also having a beach that was opened over 120 years ago.

If we go further downstream, we come to Vajska and Provala, the most popular beaches in southwest Bačka and the pride of the town of Bač, which is located on a small lake near the town. The Tikvara beach in Bačka Palanka is yet another excellent choice for swimming because it is well-arranged and has a beautiful view of the medieval town of Ilok in the Srem district in Croatia. People in Novi Sad love their ‘string of river pearls’ that starts with Begečka Jama, beaches in Beočin and Futog and Ćerevićka Ada and finishes at Štrand, the famous Novi Sad beach. This is a beach that can compete for the title of the most beautiful beach in Serbia and which Exit goers usually compare to a sea beach. Štrand is the most urbanized of all beaches and home to a bunch of events, concerts, and sports fields. Alternatively, there is the Oficirac beach, on the Petrovaradin side, the former beach of Habsburg officers, a place liked by hipsters and those who “don’t like crowds”. There is also the Karlovac beach, known as the location of the iconic Serbian movie „Varljivo Leto ’68“. A river island further downstream, called Ko Chang, became popular because of its crazy parties and often likened to the island from the movie „The Beach“ with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Krčedinska Ada is a paradise for wild horses and cattle, so an animal or two might accompany you on your swim. Last year, Slankamen attracted many tourists from Belgrade, unaccustomed to the “more natural look” of the Danube. Kovinski Dunavac is the last of the Vojvodinian beaches on the Danube.


We should not count out Vojvodina’s lakes. Belocrkvanska Jezera (lakes in Bela Crkva) are the gems of southern Banat, and due to the proximity of Belgrade, they were frequently featured on Instagram in 2020. We should not forget Zrenjanin’s “sea” called Peščara. Subotica no longer has its own beach because Palić is now unfit for swimming. This is the only big town in Vojvodina that does not have its own beach but you can at least walk along the Palić shores and enjoy the wonderful views. One of the newer attractions is Pačirsko Lake that is pink in colour due to melted salts. Magical to look at and with healing properties…

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