Ivana Višnjić, Senior Director at Egzakta Advisory consulting company – Education is the most valuable currency

Belgrade has become richer for a prestigious business school

Rome Business School recently has opened its door in Belgrade, waiting for the first generation of Executive MBA students. It is an international business school based in Belgrade, an affiliate of Rome Business School from Italy and Universidad International de Valencia. Program with Bologna accreditation awards the students with 60 ECTS and a double diploma. Through 16 modules led by lecturers and consultants with proven international corporate experience, the program is designed to create leaders prepared to handle the challenges and opportunities of a digital future.

Ivana Višnjić, member of Corporate Advisory Board at Rome Business School Belgrade and Senior Director at Egzakta Advisory consulting company

The other huge advantage of RBS is an orientation to real business needs with a mission to bridge the gap between formal academic knowledge and business reality. To give a student a real corporate experience and flavor of the actual business environment, strategic guidelines, innovative approach, and content quality RBS founded Corporate Advisory Board composed of the most eminent experts in different business fields. Mrs. Ivana Višnjić is one of them and, at the same time, Senior Director at Egzakta Advisory.

Mrs. Višnjić, how the idea to establish a prestigious business school in Belgrade was born?

This project brought together a group of enthusiastic business professionals who truly believe in the power and importance of education, constant improvement, and learning. We are deeply convinced that our future economic and social growth, in general, should have a strong foundation in an education strategy that will be focused on additional adults’ education. Unlike previous practice by which most students finished personal development after college graduation, we want to promote an active approach to continuous learning and advancement but in an innovative and quality way. So, the idea was to create a business-tailored school that will create quality business community growth in Serbia and the SEE region. RBS will strive to connect educated and successful business individuals through the official school program and a broad spectrum of informal events and networking opportunities. The Corporate Advisory Board is an essential pillar in bringing our students aligned with a real business environment needs.

It is a very complex education system created for the people who already have enough knowledge and experience but want to improve skills and company management

How can companies and individuals benefit from investment in education such as Executive Master of Business Education?

Executive MBA programs are known for developing leadership and business skills. It is a very complex education system created for the people who already have enough knowledge and work experience but want to improve skills and learn more about company management. EMBA Modules are carefully designed to develop future leaders through cutting-edge management tools from world-renowned professors and international executives. Working on case studies, students develop insights into the strategic perspectives of all business functions and the “big picture” of all companies’ objectives. It is well known that most MBA students have a faster career upgrade. In other words, graduates of Executive MBA not only increase their salaries and earning potential, but they also are more likely to enter higher positions of management or start their own companies. One of the most valuable assets of the Executive MBA program is the networking, knowledge, and insight of its participants. All students bring tremendous value to each other.

On the other hand, supporting their employee’s education, such as Executive MBA, is one of the best investments every company can make. Through the EMBA Program, the employees will develop advanced skills and gain new insights that will immediately upgrade their competencies. Employers will be rewarded with highly motivated talents that develop strategic thinking, leadership capabilities, and valuable insights into innovative approaches and global trends.

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