New corporate strategy to help build A Better Tomorrow

Despite all the challenges that the year 2020 brought, we are glad that BAT has managed to increase its market share

National Sales Manager in BAT, Marina Petrović, has been working in the company for 13 years. She has worked in various departments within BAT on brand development, marketing campaigns and market research, and today she leads the sales department. She gained great experience and became acquainted with marketing in the company through all its areas. Nowadays, together with her team and all colleagues in the field, Marina Petrović successfully works on identifying consumer needs and efficient implementation and realization of BAT strategy in the field of traditional tobacco products, as well as new generation products.

Marina Petrović, National Sales Manager, British American Tobacco

How has the crisis caused by the Covid 19 virus affected your business? How did you organize the work in the new situation?

We are very pleased with the way our company has responded to the situation caused by the corona virus, both in terms of organization and the absolute safety of all our workers. Our main priority was to protect the health of all our employees, through respect for the epidemiological measures in the first place. We are proud to be one of the few companies where even commercialists worked from home for seven weeks after the state of emergency was declared. Also, I would like to emphasize that our employees had the opportunity to stay at home and work from there if they do not feel safe at the office. At the same time, all those who come to the office work in shifts, in order to comply recommended distance and all other safety measures. Of course, the great responsibility of all employees contributed to all of the above, thanks to which we successfully responded to all challenges.

What are the results of the company on the Serbian market?

Despite all the challenges that the year 2020 brought, we are glad that BAT has managed to increase its market share. What we are proud of the fact that Pall Mall is the leading tobacco brand in the market and that it even further increased its share, reaching as much as 15 percent of the market. This year, we also continued with the innovation of other portfolios, and with leading the global trends in the tobacco industry.

How did the success of the products from the BAT portfolio affect the employees?

Maintaining and increasing the number of jobs is certainly a significant indicator of success. In our company, the number of employees working on the distribution of our products has recently increased by as many as 70 people. This is a clear sign that the strategy of the company in Serbia is at a high level and that it undoubtedly brings measurable results.

How have consumers embraced products that are an alternative to classic cigarettes? What is your further goal in the growing transformation of the tobacco industry?

As one of the leaders in the transformation of the tobacco industry, BAT recently introduced the new Glo hyper device to adult consumers, which brings a number of novelties, but also a completely new concept that combines the unexpected. Having in mind the reactions of consumers on the market, it turned out that the combination of modern technology and tobacco, with a completely new way of consumption, is an excellent strategic decision. We are witnessing that all industries are racing to give consumers the opportunity to enjoy their choice in such a way that they do not have to make drastic compromises. It was the transformation that made it possible to be vegan and enjoy a delicious burger or treat yourself to a delicious dessert without sugar and calories. Also, we believe that consumers will undoubtedly start turning towards products of the new generation in the next decade.

“The combination of modern technology and tobacco, with a completely new way of consumption, is an excellent strategic decision”

As for further plans, our company will, as before, continue to invest in the development of innovative products, while at the same time continue developing a traditional portfolio and researching consumer needs. In fact, BAT has announced a new corporate strategy intended to help build A Better Tomorrow. As a result, by combining our passion for innovation and wish to reduce the health impact of the tobacco business, we will be able to offer a greater choice of enjoyable and less risky products to consumers.

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