Janoška’s art Surpassed the Rain

ArtLink Festival presented the celebrated Ensemble Janoška. Concert held at the Belgrade Fortress, Scene near “Pobednik”,  June 25, 2022, from 22:00.

The regional ArtLink Festival was officially opened with a fantastic performance by the Janoška Ensemble from Slovakia; artists and audience together created a unique ambience despite unfavourable

weather conditions, masters of improvisation delighted with the reception, gladly soon again in Serbia; the program of the Festival continues with performances by eminent musicians throughout Serbia until September 25.

ArtLink festival: Ansambl Janoška/ Photo Goran Zlatković

The breaking of the clouds and the necessary postponement of the concert for later in the evening did not discourage the fantastic Janoška Ensemble and the magnificent Belgrade audience to make the concert for the official opening of this year’s ArtLink Festival an unforgettable cultural event for all present – on stage and in front of it. The world-renowned grandmasters of improvisation from Slovakia – classical education and multi-genre performing opus – with their authentic and excellent interpretation of compositions of diverse world musical heritage justified all the expectations and patience of their fans on the iconic Stage at Pobednik.

“It is a special honor for me to announce that the Janoška Ensemble will tonight hold the world premiere of their new album” Big B “in front of our audience – in which name the letter” B “symbolizes our city, Belgrade, and the festival received its first copy of the new CD“, the director and founder of the ArtLink Festival, Jovana Višekruna Janković, emphasized in her welcome speech.

In the announcement of the Festival program, it was pointed out that the next concerts will be held in the magnificent ambience of the most famous fortresses – emphasizing the importance of tradition, history and rich cultural heritage of our region. The slogans “Festival Cities – Artists for Nature” and “Sound of Water from the Fortress” complete the mission of this year’s ArtLink Festival – to enrich the sensory experience of listeners with new sound expressions and emphasize the importance of preserving and renewing rivers and monumental heritage. Gratitude for supporting the realization of these socially engaged activities of the Festival was expressed to the general sponsor of the concert UNIQA Insurance and partners of the Festival JPV “Srbijavode”, the company “Zepter”, Belgrade Fortress, Belgrade, the Western Balkans Fund, the European Union and many local partners across the region.

The concert program of the Janoška Ensemble began with the “Hungarian Games” by Brahms, and continued with the Beatles’ big hit “Yesterday” – which instantly demonstrated their diversity of performers, with authentic arrangements and inspired improvisation.

ArtLink festival: Ansambl Janoška/ Photo Goran Zlatković

The third track “Leon’s Dance” – a composition by pianist František Janoška – is dedicated to his second son, a talented young musician and Latino dancer of the same name, with the composer noting that music is passed from generation to generation as many as seven generations of Janoška family members. Their older brother Ondrej joined them on stage to perform the hit “Oblivion”, once again demonstrating the unique power of combining classical, jazz and pop music virtuosos from Slovakia.

The last song of the official part of the concert was another big hit of “Liverpool’s tufts” – “Hey Jude”, and for the inevitable encore as a gift to the cheerful audience, their version of one of the favorite regional traditions – “Macedonian Girl” – was performed with well-deserved applause.

“We are delighted to be among you again, in Belgrade – and know that we will gladly return to continue our friendship. We are glad that we had time today – despite the rain – to take a walk around your beautiful city, and even to enjoy “ćevapi“ and “pljeskavice“, members of the Janoška Ensemble greeted the audience wittily.

The concert program of the ArtLink Festival continues with the concerts of the eminent Israeli pianist Adi Neuhaus on June 27 at the Nebojsa Tower – that is, on June 28 in the new Concert Hall in Novi Sad. The International Day of the Danube River on June 29, organized by JVP “Srbijavode” and the Municipality of Velika Gradiška, is marked with a concert by the Camarata Balcanica, conductor and violinist Fedor Rudin and cellist Jan Fogler at the Ram Fortress. The Art Link Festival will also mark the performance of the Portuguese pianist Luis Ahius on the stage near the Nebojsa Tower on June 30, then the performance of pianist Pablo Rossi and the Camarata Balcanica quintet on July 2 in Felix Romuliana – and on July 3 in the Golubac Fortress. The program of the ArtLink Festival will last until September 25, with performances by some of the leading names in world classical music and “cross-over” genres at numerous historical locations throughout our region.

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