Jelena Jovanić, Intermodal terminal manager at Nelt Group – Potential and importance of intermodal terminal in logistics processes

As a Nelt Group we understand the needs of participants in the supply chain through the personal experience of the manufacturer, distributors and logistics companies in all segments, based on 30 years of doing business in the challenging markets of the Western Balkans and Africa


Jelena Jovanić, Intermodal terminal manager at Nelt Group

“We have the experience of building partnerships with companies that are global and regional leaders in their industries while our innovative approach and strong partnerships are the key drivers of our long-term progress and growth. That is why Nelt The Way Of Logistics is an integrator of supply chains for different types of industries.“


What does the intermodal terminal bring to supply in the region and what results have you accomplished?


Owing to the first private intermodal terminal in Belgrade, which is connected by regular railway lines with the ports of Rijeka, Bar and Piraeus, customs office within our location, warehouses that have different temperature regimes spanning over 65,000 m2, the delivery fleet of over 250 vehicles, the location of Nelt’s main distribution and logistics centre is itself an integrator of supply chains in the region.


Ever since the terminal’s opening in December 2016, the intensity of intermodal flows has been growing stronger. In 2020, the terminal recorded a 40% operational growth relative to 2019 and we see the same trend in the first quarter of 2021. We expect that this trend will continue in the coming years.


What are your plans in terms of expanding the terminal’s capacity and what else do you plan to do in the coming period?


This fact and the desire to continuously improve customer satisfaction are also the reasons for investing in expanding the terminal’s capacity. The construction works, which added 5,000m2 to the manipulation plateau for handling containers, were performed within the set deadline in very demanding winter weather conditions, thanks to the cooperation between Nelt’s multifunctional and the contractor. Also, in the first week of April, we will start using a brand new Reach Stecker forklift, produced by the renowned Hyster brand, to handle containers.


We are also preparing to transform our location in Javna Skladišta d.o.o. in Subotica, which has significant railroad track capacities, into an intermodal terminal. The proximity of the Subotica Free Zone, Hungary and western Romania make a distinct potential of this location the distinct potential of this location.


How did you organize the company’s operations last year, considering that the COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed Serbia and the whole world?


The extraordinary circumstances caused by the pandemic required extraordinary measures to preserve the health of our employees and the continuity of our business processes. We have demonstrated the ability to adapt very quickly, organize and do our job well, even in situations when that seemed impossible. We put together a crisis team that was in charge of taking care of the consistency and timeliness of all activities but also ensured transparency in communication throughout our company. We gave full support to our colleagues working in the field to make it easier for them to do their job in extraordinary circumstances. We have validated the importance of our role in all the markets in which we operate. Thanks to the efforts of everyone in the Nelt Group, the shops are well supplied and people can buy the necessary groceries.


How important are socially responsible activities even in times of crisis?


We strive to provide stable support to the communities in which we operate. In 2020 alone, we donated over 360,000 euro towards purchasing medical ventilators and the distribution of food and other products in all Western Balkan countries, bearing in mind, above all of the urgent local needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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