Jorgos Kakouris: We are delighted that Greece is the first destination for Serbian tourists

Jorgos Kakouris, representative of the National Tourist Organization of Greece, at the “Summer 2023” online conference, pointed out that in his country they appreciate the fact that it is the number one destination for tourists from Serbia and talked about their number.

“We are delighted that Greece is the most preferred destination for Serbian tourists for summer vacations. From 2017 until last year, with the exception of those where the coronavirus broke out, almost a million Serbs regularly visit Greece annually,” said Kakouris.

As for the forecasts for this year, he says that they are confident that it will be as successful as the previous ones.

“Based on information from tourist circles from Serbia, we are confident that visits by Serbian tourists will remain at the same level in 2023,” he added.

Kakouris said that “most Serbs travel to Greece by road, mostly along the coast in the northern part of the country”, but also that there are tendencies for them to choose some of the Greek islands.

He pointed out that, after the opening of the country after the pandemic, Greece remained one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Also, he said, Greece traditionally nurtures sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism, which still remains the goal of that industry.

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